Tview Premium

From June 11 2020 the free weekly publication Tony’s View was reduced to 4-5 pages from the previous 10 and it remains free to all subscribers. However, many people want more than a summary of the main developments in the NZ economy and housing markets. For them I’ve created Tview Premium.

Tview Premium contains all the week’s research and written material unable to be condensed down into 4-5 pages, will usually run between 10 and 20 pages, and will be aimed at readers dipping in and out to read over the week or weekend, rather than people looking to clear their email inboxes as quickly as possible.

Tview Premium subscribers will receive the following extras beyond an expanded weekly publication.


Subscribers to Tview Premium will be invited to participate in four free one-hour webinars during the year. Attendance certificates will be provided to professionals wanting to prove CPD hours.

Regional housing market analysis

To assist property investors, home buyers, builders, and real estate agents, every month I will examine a specific NZ regional housing market, discussing factors such as which locations appear under-priced and which over-priced, whether construction looks like falling short of population growth, listings trends etc. A different region will be covered every month.

Full housing analysis and commentary

Each week the new developments affecting housing markets will be examined in more detail than space will allow in Tony’s View, placing them in the context of the long-term underlying fundamentals too often forgotten amidst fresh news developments. The availability of more space will allow more graphical analysis and more statistical series to be considered.

Detailed analysis of survey results

For retailers I have created a monthly Spending Plans Survey aimed at delivering insight into which sectors of retailing may outperform. Tview Premium will include more detailed breakdowns of results, including at a regional level where possible

To assist everyone interested in not just residential but also the commercial property sector, I have created a monthly Valuers Survey. Tview Premium will examine results at a granular level where possible.

In conjunction with REINZ I run a monthly Real Estate Survey. As with other surveys, results will be released alongside the free Tony’s View publication. Tview Premium will include greater follow up analysis of results at a local level.

I have also created a monthly survey of Mortgage Advisors. Main results will be covered as usual in Tony’s View with full details in Tview Premium.

Interest Rates

To assist home buyers, people with fixed rates coming up for renewal, and mortgage brokers, deeper consideration will be undertaken of the options facing mortgage borrowers with more analysis of rate changes over time. 


I have set the charge for an annual subscription to Tview Premium at half the price of a cappuccino a week rounded down to the nearest 10, or $110 incl. GST for payment by POLi, and $114 incl. GST for payment via PayPal.  I recommend POLi. 

To sign up you can pay via POLi, PayPal (you don't need to sign up to PayPal to use their service), or by direct debt using details contained in the Direct Debit form at the very bottom of this page.

I will email all new subscribers a thank you and the current week's edition within a day of signing up, and include a GST receipt for anyone needing one. I will be trusting subscribers not to share the document with other users.  

Tview Premium is the intellectual property of Tony Alexander. By subscribing to Tview Premium you agree not to distribute the publication to any other person or organisation, or to republish in any form either in whole or in part.

If any signup issues, email me