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I have been working as an economist in New Zealand since returning from Sydney in 1987 – initially with Westpac, then a share broking firm, then 26 years with BNZ of which almost 25 years was as Chief Economist. My focus has always been on translating developments and trends in the economics sphere into a language which people can understand. Hence the tagline at the top of all of my publications.

“To help Kiwis make better decisions for their businesses, investments, home purchases, and people by writing about the economy in an easy to understand manner.“  

I have a growing range of outputs aimed at delivering useable information to people, including the following.   Tony’s View – A weekly publication of 8-10 pages looking at key developments in the NZ economy and housing markets in particular.  

Tview Premium – A weekly subscription-based publication of 15-20 pages looking at developments in more detail, substantially more on housing, plus extra regional detail from the monthly surveys.  

REINZ & Tony Alexander Real Estate Survey – A monthly survey of residential real estate agents all around New Zealand to see what they are seeing in their local markets. Aimed at providing information for anyone interested in where housing markets are going around the country and driving forces behind them.  

Tony’s View Spending Plans Survey – A survey of Tony’s View readers usually garnering over 1,000 responses, seeking insight into whether people plan spending more and on what. Aimed primarily at supplying information to retailers and the likes of hospitality providers. & Tony Alexander Mortgage Advisors Survey – A monthly survey of mortgage advisors to gain their unique perspective on housing sector developments and particularly changes in bank lending policies.  

Tony Alexander Regional Property Insights, sponsored by First Mortgage Trust – A monthly examination of different long-term trends in residential property sectors for each NZ region, usually running to about 40 pages.  

Tony’s View Business Survey – A survey of what businesspeople are experiencing in their various industries.

Investor Insights, prepared with Crockers Property Management. This survey of investors is aimed at gauging underlying changes in investor plans over time. 

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